Juliawaty Budiman, S.Psi, Psikolog

Juliawaty Budiman, a Psychologist who is also a mother of 2 children who already grown into an adult felt very passionate to assist teenagers and parents to select the right college majors (education) and helping to built good relationships within the family.

To channel her passion, in recent years has been active as an associate in Sahabat Orangtua dan Anak (SOA) as teenager and family counselors, holds a Psychology degree from University of Indonesia, and improve her knowledge about talent and interest selection in education (Certified as Career Direct, USA and Strong Interest Inventory, Singapore), and also used variety of approaches in family relationships with Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), MMTIC (Type for Children), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Ego State Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

Robert Pereira, B.A. Dip. Ed, M.A. Hons

Since 1992, Robert has been a consultant to National and International Schools on the universal problem of school bullying.   He provides teachers and parents with a sound educational and psychological model that addresses the core reasons as to why children and teen bully.  Apart from Australian schools, this model has been valued by international schools in New Zealand,  Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Hyderabad and Kathmandu.    He is author of a resource entitled: ‘Why We Bully’ (6th. edition – 2017).

Prior to engaging in full-time consultancy on this contentious issue, he was a High School Science teacher from 1973 to 1991, as well as student counsellor in the schools where he has taught.

Among other seminars that he offers teachers and professional counsellors, are:

  • How to Respond proactively to Difficult Students
  • An Introduction to Narrative Therapy
  • Teacher Effectiveness Training (TET)

Fransiska Ajeng, S.Psi

Fransiska Ajeng, a psychology graduate who is interested in education and children with special needs, also passionate in promoting each student’s development. Supported with an experience as a special needs teaching assistant in a mainstream school in Tangerang for over 2 years. Been active as a team in Sahabat Orangtua dan Anak (SOA) as a psychology team, training team and educational therapist.

Silvia Charolina

Silvia Charolina, an office and secretary administration graduate been active as a team in Sahabat Orangtua dan Anak (SOA) as operational management and training team.