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Bullying Prevention / Pencegahan Bully

Almost everyday we hear there is a child who is being teased, punched, excluded, and gets a harsh email or comment in social media from their friends, in which they get depressed and skip school. This bullying problem is getting worse and it is urgently needed to be handled by everyone.

Why Children Bully? Book and workshop help us to understand WHY children (even adults) bully, and also to recognise the difference between GIRLS and BOYS BULLYING. Besides that Why Children Bully? book and workshoop introduce ABC Paradigm (a Psychological Method and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to dig deeper the cause of bullying and most importantly to handle this problem.

Why Children Bully? book and workshop informs some facts about children bullying discovered by Hanlie Muliani and Robert Pereira from many contries in the world.
Why Children Bully? book and workshop is for parents, teachers and students who are directly involved in bullying cases.
With the ABC Paradigm, all parties involved in bullying (the bully, the victim and the bystanders) can directly be educated and be positively empowered.