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Parenting Courses

We invite parents to learn and to share their experience in the Parenting Course (PC) class while waiting for their children who are studying at school. Children are studying, parents are also studying. The given PC sylabus is a foundation of knowledge and skills needed by the parents in order to be effective parents.

We have studied hard to achieve what we want to be, but when it comes to be a parent we just use our instinc and our parents’ experiences. Parenting consists of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ART. Therefore we need to learn to be parent. It is easier to build children than repair adult.

Contents :

  • Mindset as a parent and parenting goal
  • Mindfulness parenting and becoming a happy parent
  • Child development by age
  • Brain plasticity and how to maximize child intelligence
  • Multiple intelligence
  • Improving academic matters by understanding the child’s learning styles

Contents :

  • Implementing a winning mental attitude
  • Understanding parent’s and child’s personality
  • Implementing dicipline by heart and understanding the language of love between parents and children
  • Preventing bully and understanding the friendship styles 
  • Sexual education in accordance with child development
  • Digital parenting